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Ready to Dive Deeper into Big Data and Learning Analytics in Education?

Here’s a great place to start!

The folks at the Journal of Research and Practice in Assessment (RPA) put together this special edition to provide a rich resource for those looking to dive into a broad and deep pool of the ideas, issues, policies, practices, and research related to the use of advanced analytics in learning and student support strategies. I helped co-author an article in this edition that’s an overview of Civitas Learning’s work with colleges and universities nationwide. This article also provides three case studies that showcase the use of insight and action analytics to power student success efforts, especially work to get good data to the front lines of learning in compelling ways–i.e., using apps to inform and inspire students, advisors, and faculty.

Here’s the PDF link to the full RPA Winter 2014 Edition: http://www.rpajournal.com/dev/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Volume9.pdf